Thursday, December 29, 2011

MTC Week 4

The Epistle of James -Chapter 2
1 This past week has been ridiculously inspirational. Not only did we hear from Elder Bednar, we also heard some amazing things from Elder Walker of the Seventy. He gave us 10 points on how to become a better missionary. The words that he spoke, coupled with the things I heard from Elder Bednar make me want to continue trying to develop Charity. I've been researching, studying, and praying about Charity, and how I can get it the past couple days, and right now I've come to the conclusion that I must know exactly what Charity is before I can gain it.
2 I know that Charity is the love pure of Christ, but what exactly does that entail? I will be continuing to search the scriptures, trying to find the true meaning behind those words as I try to learn about and develop for myself the character of Christ, namely his pure and perfect love for all of those around him.
3 Our progressing investigadores are doing Fantastic! Monday we were thrown a curve ball where Nicolas had heard a lot of things from his mother, and how much his mother disapproved of the church, and our "Libro del Diablo" (Book of the Devil), so we put our lesson on the Plan of Salvation aside, and instead focused on stregthening his faith, and helping him to read from the Book of Mormon to gain a testimony and strength in the knowledge of its truthfulness. At the end of the lesson, I felt impressed to ask if we could maybe possibly talk with his mother, and teach her these things so that she would better understand. He accepted.
4 Now, let me get something straight here. These progressive investigadores are just the teachers taking en the persona of someone they taught on their mission, but usually it's just the one person that we teach. I thought that there would be some kind of excuse as to why his mother didn't want to take the discussions or listen to us or anything. But sure enough, this leccion pasado (last lesson), his Mom was there!! It was AMAZING!! the experience we had in that room yesterday. She voiced her concerns, and essentially we taught principles of the first leccion, the restauracion, and we also had Nicolas teach her as well. He was testifying to himself and to his mother that the things that he had learned from us were true. He knew it, he knew God knew it, and he could not deny it.
5 How poderoso (powerful) it was to see and witness that leccion. Both have demostrated their faith, and they both wish to be taught more. We're going to teach them the Plan of Salvation tomorrow. Aya! FUE FANTASTICO! No puedo esperar hasta manana.(I can't wait until tomorrow!) Sus espiritus tienen mucho fe y yo se que ellos puede regresar a Dios. (They have a lot of faith. I know they can return to God.) I'm sooo excited for them. Both have a baptism date, and are working towards that by reading El Libro de Mormon y orando por la verdad .(the Book of Mormon and praying for the truth.)

6 I love you all, and I can not wait to get into the field. The lecciones that I have been learning here en the MTC have, and will continue to change me throughout the entire course de mi vida.(of my life)

7 If you have an opportunity to serve a misison, begin to prepare now. There is nothing in this world, nothing you could ever possibly do, or experience that will be mas importante a usted (more important to you) than to be the instrument that brings your fellow siblings to Christ. When you devote yourself to the Lord, and concentrate en becoming un herramiento en los manos de Dios (instrument? in the hand of God), you will change yourself in ways you never would have thought possible, and as a Representative of Jesucristo, I can promise you that it will ALWAYS be for the better.
En el servicio del Senor,
Elder McDonald
P.S. Lo Siento for the Spanglish. No time to correct it now. Only get 30 minutes every P-Day. Also, it's pretty strange to see all the English words I've forgotten or can't remember.
P.P.S. I heard a prayer in English yesterday. It sounded SUPER SUPER STRANGE!!! (We always say every prayer en Espanol now) Just thought you'd like to know.
Fin (End)

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