Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Change of Plans

The mission doctor has decided to have Jimmy finish recovering and rehabilitating his limp knee at home. It's been 8 weeks since his surgery and he is still having pain, weakness and an unstable patella.  More than likely, a second medical opinion, a lot of physical therapy, an appropriate knee brace, and a lot of southern cooking will do the trick.  Apparently, there is a great value for knee braces in Mexico because I have shipped, and reshipped, and have not arrive.

President Morales really loves Jimmy and told us he is very anxious to get him back.

Monday, July 9, 2012

4th of July

As for being Senior companion, its not too much different. I dont act above or superior in any way to my companion. Although, I do have a lot more responsibility with reporting to my leaders, acting as the ward mission leader, and trying to keep the ball rolling in Ayotla.

My companion is from Monterrey, his name is Elder Abrego, and he`s really hilarious! He`s super cool, and has a lot more experience than I do. 16 months in the mission, and he teaches really well.
We`re still in the same area, Ayotla 1, but we`re working in the part of the area where Elder Sanchez and I never worked. I like to think of it as the field that hasn't been harvested yet. We`re contacting like crazy, receiving a few referrals from one family, La familia Cervantes. This family is super cool. The father is super super good at making friends with almost anybody, and if things go as planned, we`ll end up baptizing his whole street! Haaaha!!

The other elders and I are celebrating the fourth of July today. I got a whole bunch of meat and we`re going to make Ginormous hamburgers, and have root beer floats. (There`s one little store we found that sells root beer!!! WHOO HOO!!!) My companion and I had our own celebration the day of, and we took some hilarious pictures. And ate really really huge hamburgers. We bought some that said doble carne. What we didn't realize is that it pretty much meant two humungous burgers stacked on top of each other. To the point where Im pretty sure it was a foot high! Fetch, they were good.

Today though I'm making my own Giant bonzai burger. With barbecue sauce, three patties, bacon, pinapple and everything! Im excited!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 18

Good week. Im now senior companion and in charge of all the missinaries in my ward. The call me the "little district leader" because Ayotla isnt a district, but its big enough to be, and they put me in charge of it. My companion is hilarious!! Im sending you a video of him singing. Its sooo funny!

Funniest part: My companions contacting strategies.
"Hey! How are you!"
"No, how are you preparing yourself to meet God?"

"Hey! Where ya goin?"
"Down the street to the shop over there"
"No, where are you going after death?"

Its great! Actually, we knocked one door and the lady yelled out, "Who is it?" and I said, "Servants of God, and we were just wondering if you had some time for Jesus Christ" "No, I dont have any time."

"Sister! You mean to tell me you DON'T have time for JESUS CHRIST??!"
"No, I dont have any time!"
Then my companion said, "Well I hope He´ll have time in the day of judgement."

Most spiritual? This week we baptized Josué, and confirmed him, and gave the Aaronic priesthood to Carlos. Oh! Better, my companion and I went with a sister from the ward to a hospice I think its called. Anyway, theres a bunch of people that have been institutionalized, young old, sick mentally etc... and we talked with some of the people. I met a lady that said that she was "God´s wife", and she said that I had to be a Son of God, because I have the same eyes as him.

We went to see a lady that was baptized and used to attend, but isnt allowed to leave the place anymore. She asked us for a blessing, so we gave her one. Then other people asked us to give Them blessings, so we did. We ended up walking around the whole complex giving blessings to people in their beds, in wheelchairs, in sofas, everything. It felt wonderful! Almost like a part of a movie about Christ when we went around blessing all the people. THAT was fricken sweet.

All in all, everything is going great! Its a great time to be a member of Christ's true church. :D

Also, Elote is delicious!!! Its corn with mayonaise, cheese, and chili powder. Its great!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Keep on Going!

Sorry I've been gone for awhile. I havent really been feeling like writing. Its been a tough three weeks. But right now, Everything is great!!

So quick recap of the last three weeks

  1. Ripped a ligament,
  2. got it sewn back up in a Mexican hospital (which is really cool cause I can still feel the stitching underneath my skin. Its pretty sweet! And an AWESOME Scar!)
  3. limping around, almost went home to rest the 7 weeks they told me I needed
  4. prayed the hardest I've ever prayed in my life to know what I truly needed to do
  5. received answer
  6. stayed in Mexico with another Elder who had knee surgery
  7. got healed miraculously after a priesthood blessing (see story of John Tanner)
  8. Been working hard, without pain or limping or anything
  9. baptized Yesica, Jesus (yes I baptized Jesus), Carlos, and Wendy

This past week we got the information on cambios transfers . My compañero se va (My companion is leaving, and I will stay here and become a Sr. Companiion), y yo me quedo como compañero mayor! The first gringo in the history of the MXSE mission to become Senior companion with only 4 months in the field. This is going to be fun!
As for everyone that waits on pins and needles to hear the latest interesting story about the kid that Mexico is trying to kill, (HAHA) I apologize for the recent lack of posts, and I will try to stay diligent every week.

Peace out girl scout!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Physical Challenges

Last week, Jimmy tore his MCL (right medial knee ligament) in an impromptu soccer game. He had surgery and is a bit distracted with this physical problem. We weren't aware that he was already having trouble with that knee popping out of place, prior to this.  His mission president is visiting him everyday and helping him to determine if it's best for him to stay, or perhaps return home for recuperation. For now he has moved him to be with a companion who is also recovering from a surgery.  Please keep him in your prayers.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

This week was Fantastic!

I got to speak with my family over the phone!! Btw, Logan finally sounds like a Man!! HAHAHAHA!!! (He's going to kill me for that.) Its interesting, in all the world Mothers day is the second Sunday of may; however, here in Mexico its the 10th, no importa cual dia se cae. (No matter what day of the week it falls on.)  So, it was great to get the chance to talk to them, and explain experiences, talk about the crazy things that go on here, struggle to remember English words, the whole nine meters. 
My little sister told me I sounded Mexican. SCORE!! Been shootin' for that.

We worked super hard this week. Contacted every single person we saw (287 for the week), taught lessons to our investigators that are progressing, and unfortunately we had to let some investigators go. They werent progressing, and so our president told us to leave them. It truly is a sad thing to see when some people arent willing to get closer to God. They arent willing to let go of the cigarette, alcohol, marijuana, etc., because for them, the lies of Satan are stronger than their own personal desire to save their souls. It was tough to let them go; however, we have a phrase that we put in the area book on the progress sheets for these people. Dejar y creer. Leave, and believe. Hopefully somewhere down the line, other elders will be able to drop by there house and this time they'll be ready and willing to make the changes necessary.

This week, Im going to be honest, I had a lot of thoughts about returning home. But when I prayed about it, a thought came into my head. A thought that I think everyone knows, they just dont truly realize or remember it when theyre going through rough times.

"Satan only attacks the people he KNOWS will build the Kingdom of God"

This helped me a ton, and I continue strong in the work of the Lord.

Peace out girlscouts,
Elder Mc-D