Monday, June 11, 2012

Keep on Going!

Sorry I've been gone for awhile. I havent really been feeling like writing. Its been a tough three weeks. But right now, Everything is great!!

So quick recap of the last three weeks

  1. Ripped a ligament,
  2. got it sewn back up in a Mexican hospital (which is really cool cause I can still feel the stitching underneath my skin. Its pretty sweet! And an AWESOME Scar!)
  3. limping around, almost went home to rest the 7 weeks they told me I needed
  4. prayed the hardest I've ever prayed in my life to know what I truly needed to do
  5. received answer
  6. stayed in Mexico with another Elder who had knee surgery
  7. got healed miraculously after a priesthood blessing (see story of John Tanner)
  8. Been working hard, without pain or limping or anything
  9. baptized Yesica, Jesus (yes I baptized Jesus), Carlos, and Wendy

This past week we got the information on cambios transfers . My compaƱero se va (My companion is leaving, and I will stay here and become a Sr. Companiion), y yo me quedo como compaƱero mayor! The first gringo in the history of the MXSE mission to become Senior companion with only 4 months in the field. This is going to be fun!
As for everyone that waits on pins and needles to hear the latest interesting story about the kid that Mexico is trying to kill, (HAHA) I apologize for the recent lack of posts, and I will try to stay diligent every week.

Peace out girl scout!!

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