Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

This week was Fantastic!

I got to speak with my family over the phone!! Btw, Logan finally sounds like a Man!! HAHAHAHA!!! (He's going to kill me for that.) Its interesting, in all the world Mothers day is the second Sunday of may; however, here in Mexico its the 10th, no importa cual dia se cae. (No matter what day of the week it falls on.)  So, it was great to get the chance to talk to them, and explain experiences, talk about the crazy things that go on here, struggle to remember English words, the whole nine meters. 
My little sister told me I sounded Mexican. SCORE!! Been shootin' for that.

We worked super hard this week. Contacted every single person we saw (287 for the week), taught lessons to our investigators that are progressing, and unfortunately we had to let some investigators go. They werent progressing, and so our president told us to leave them. It truly is a sad thing to see when some people arent willing to get closer to God. They arent willing to let go of the cigarette, alcohol, marijuana, etc., because for them, the lies of Satan are stronger than their own personal desire to save their souls. It was tough to let them go; however, we have a phrase that we put in the area book on the progress sheets for these people. Dejar y creer. Leave, and believe. Hopefully somewhere down the line, other elders will be able to drop by there house and this time they'll be ready and willing to make the changes necessary.

This week, Im going to be honest, I had a lot of thoughts about returning home. But when I prayed about it, a thought came into my head. A thought that I think everyone knows, they just dont truly realize or remember it when theyre going through rough times.

"Satan only attacks the people he KNOWS will build the Kingdom of God"

This helped me a ton, and I continue strong in the work of the Lord.

Peace out girlscouts,
Elder Mc-D

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