Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 18

Good week. Im now senior companion and in charge of all the missinaries in my ward. The call me the "little district leader" because Ayotla isnt a district, but its big enough to be, and they put me in charge of it. My companion is hilarious!! Im sending you a video of him singing. Its sooo funny!

Funniest part: My companions contacting strategies.
"Hey! How are you!"
"No, how are you preparing yourself to meet God?"

"Hey! Where ya goin?"
"Down the street to the shop over there"
"No, where are you going after death?"

Its great! Actually, we knocked one door and the lady yelled out, "Who is it?" and I said, "Servants of God, and we were just wondering if you had some time for Jesus Christ" "No, I dont have any time."

"Sister! You mean to tell me you DON'T have time for JESUS CHRIST??!"
"No, I dont have any time!"
Then my companion said, "Well I hope He´ll have time in the day of judgement."

Most spiritual? This week we baptized JosuĂ©, and confirmed him, and gave the Aaronic priesthood to Carlos. Oh! Better, my companion and I went with a sister from the ward to a hospice I think its called. Anyway, theres a bunch of people that have been institutionalized, young old, sick mentally etc... and we talked with some of the people. I met a lady that said that she was "God´s wife", and she said that I had to be a Son of God, because I have the same eyes as him.

We went to see a lady that was baptized and used to attend, but isnt allowed to leave the place anymore. She asked us for a blessing, so we gave her one. Then other people asked us to give Them blessings, so we did. We ended up walking around the whole complex giving blessings to people in their beds, in wheelchairs, in sofas, everything. It felt wonderful! Almost like a part of a movie about Christ when we went around blessing all the people. THAT was fricken sweet.

All in all, everything is going great! Its a great time to be a member of Christ's true church. :D

Also, Elote is delicious!!! Its corn with mayonaise, cheese, and chili powder. Its great!

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