Monday, July 9, 2012

4th of July

As for being Senior companion, its not too much different. I dont act above or superior in any way to my companion. Although, I do have a lot more responsibility with reporting to my leaders, acting as the ward mission leader, and trying to keep the ball rolling in Ayotla.

My companion is from Monterrey, his name is Elder Abrego, and he`s really hilarious! He`s super cool, and has a lot more experience than I do. 16 months in the mission, and he teaches really well.
We`re still in the same area, Ayotla 1, but we`re working in the part of the area where Elder Sanchez and I never worked. I like to think of it as the field that hasn't been harvested yet. We`re contacting like crazy, receiving a few referrals from one family, La familia Cervantes. This family is super cool. The father is super super good at making friends with almost anybody, and if things go as planned, we`ll end up baptizing his whole street! Haaaha!!

The other elders and I are celebrating the fourth of July today. I got a whole bunch of meat and we`re going to make Ginormous hamburgers, and have root beer floats. (There`s one little store we found that sells root beer!!! WHOO HOO!!!) My companion and I had our own celebration the day of, and we took some hilarious pictures. And ate really really huge hamburgers. We bought some that said doble carne. What we didn't realize is that it pretty much meant two humungous burgers stacked on top of each other. To the point where Im pretty sure it was a foot high! Fetch, they were good.

Today though I'm making my own Giant bonzai burger. With barbecue sauce, three patties, bacon, pinapple and everything! Im excited!

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