Monday, February 13, 2012

Ixtapaluca Week 1

Estoy en Mexico!! Finally!! And this keyboard is really hard to use! (All the keys are strangely switched around! HAHA!)
Ive had two days in Mexico, I've met tons of people, had 21 contacts, three training sessions, were teaching investigators all day tomorrow, and we have a zone goal of baptizing 50 people this month. weve got 28 investigators but my trainer says they arent progressing much at all. (Only because they haven't met me yet! Hahaha!)

I LOVE IT HERE!! This place is AMAZING, and can you say BEST FOOD OF MY LIFE?!?!?
El nombre de me compañero es Elder Sanchez y el es de Peru.(My companion Elder Sanchez is from Peru.) Estaba muy animado porque estoy entendiendo mucho y yo puedo hablar con las personas en un nivel bueno. Mas o menos. Mi area se llama Ixypaluca (no se exactamente como deletearlo). Mi barrio se llama Ayotla. Es mas cerca de un pyramid. Yo puedo verlo de mi casa. Estoy muy emocionado para empezar trabajando. (I am very excited that I am understanding a lot and can speak to people on a decent level, more or less. My area is called Ixtapuluca and I'm in the Ayotla Ward. It is very close to a pyramid. I can see it from my home. I am excited about starting to work.)

O! Y fuimos pulled over por la policia dos veces mientras estabamos viajando a nuestra casa de la casa misional. ( Oh, we were pulled over twice by the police on our way home from the mission home.) ¿Como se dice (How do you say this?)<We had to buy them off cuz they{re corrupt>? ¡Jajajaa! ¡Fue fantastico! Los miembros aqui, especialmente los jovenes me quieren. Fue muy comico porque los jovenes estaban enseñandome jerga (slang) ayer despues de las reuniones dominical. Hasta luego! I love you all! (Ha! Ha! It has fabulous! The members here, especially the youth love me. It was funny because the youth were teaching me slang yesterday after church.)

I finished reading the Book of Mormon en Español, and even in a different language its still true. Just in case anyone was wondering Hahaa!

Oh, and theres dogs everywhere! The people drive like CRAZY MANIACS!! I LOVE IT!! Literally there are NO lines on the highways, noone pays any attention to the one stoplight, and you just drive. Its crazy amazing! We come so close to hitting other cars, people, houses, we went up on the sidewalk one time, ITS GREAT!! The drivers are pros so nothing bad ever happens. Thats the funny thing. They drive crazy, but nobody does just plain stupid things, and so I havent seen any accidents or anything yet, and I got here saturday.

En las reuniones domincal, nadie canta bien. (In the Sunday meetings, no one sings well.)  Theres never a piano player, so its all acapella, and no one can sing in tune. IM FINALLY AT HOME WITH MY SINGING!!!! This is going to be a great two years!

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