Monday, March 5, 2012

Ixtapuluca 4

Folktale of the volcanoes Popo and Ixy

Greetings from down under! (Under the US)

This week, whew! Everything is speeding up. Its strange to think I've already got 3 months on the mission already! Attached should be a photo of Oscar Jesus Palma Morales. He was a referral from two of our other investigators who know the truthfulness of the gospel, and are doing everything that they need to, however they can´t be baptized because they need to be divorced from their other spouses, then married to each other. Unfortunately, it´s Extremely expensive here in Mexico, however they are both working extremely hard to get there. Oscar is their son, he has 20 years, and now is thinking about serving a mission as well. Its really great to see the change in his life as he comes closer to Christ.

I also think its hilarious how nobody here smiles in pictures. Haha!

Also, he makes huge intricate rugs, and is a professional dancer. We get along great! Hahaa! I told him about the International Folk Dance team, and he´s told me about all the competitions he´s done, its great! Attached also is a picture of one of his rugs that I want to buy and bring back.

There´s this thing called a Tiangus. Which is an open market in a different street every day. Hundreds of people come and set up little stands and lay their items on blankets and sell things. Its great! I´m planning on getting a small Spanish Guitar, cutting off two strings, and tuning it to be a ukulele. Its about the same size, and hopefully if it works, I´ll have a ukulele to play on P-days!! :D

Also, side note. I´ve found my people. The Mexican culture is Brilliantly amazing! And as anyone who has consistently read my blog posts, or knows me personally, knows, I Love making things out of other things, or patching things up. Here is Mexico, pretty much Nothing is thrown away. Almost every car has pieces from 6 others. Bicitaxis (Bike taxis) are held together with more duct tape than I used on "Fred" (the manikin I made in college), and there are people here who´s job is to scrounge useful items from the huge trash piles. Everything is recycled. There are toys made from melted down soda bottles, bikes made from old car parts. Its great! These people are GENIUSES when it comes to making due with what you have. I Love it!

As for the work, its going great! At the beginning of the month we set a goal for 15 baptisms this month. We started out with only 2 investigators. As the month has progressed, we have investigators popping up out of everywhere! We encounter people who are golden for the gospel every day! Yesterday during church, a family of six just randomly showed up, because they "felt like they should attend a church today". They have agreed and are extremely excited to be baptized the 26th of this month. (We taught a lesson right after church)

There´s a quote that I love. "Pray like everything depends on God, then get up and Work like everything depends on you"

My companion and I don´t believe that God will help us. We don´t believe that we will find our brothers and sisters that are ready to accept the Gospel. We KNOW it. We have a firm and resounding testimony of it, and the blessings that come from absolute and complete trust in the Lord. We know that we can´t do anything without him. Especially me! There´s no way in Sam´s heck that I would be able to understand the people here, or talk Spanish like I do without his help, and constant support. So no, I do not have faith these teachings, and how they can truly bless people´s lives in ways they can´t even imagine. I do not have faith because faith is a hope for things which are not seen. I have a knowledge that these things are true. I can feel the truthfulness all the way to my core, and I continuously see the hand of the Lord in all that I do.

Before my mission I struggled with a lot of things. However,

"I will give place no more, for the Enemy of my Soul"

Alma 48:17-18

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