Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ixtapuluca 8

Soooo, this past week was probably the best one yet. A week full of miracles, revelation, and Amazing AMAZING experiences. Its a good thing that I have the rest of my life to tell these stories, but I think it may take a little longer to recount every one.

So, in short, we´ll talk about what happened this weekend.

On Friday, we married a couple so the mother (our investigator) could be baptized. Well, the judge married them, we just helped with everything. The judge is a member and we works closely with the missionaries to help them whenever this comes up. (A couple must be married, or not living together in order to be baptized) So, in the judges office the tables have glass over them, and its open so that when a missionary companionship marrys a couple, they write their names and date and area and everything on a card, or picture, or in our case, a "Proclamation to the World" and then puts in on the table underneath the glass. There are TONS AND TONS of cards!!! It was really really sweet.

Now, for the best part of the whole week! The weekend!

This weekend was Very VERY Special, first of all because of General Conference (which is really interesting in another language) and second of all, because of the beautiful, amazing thing that happened between each session of conference.

We had 4 baptismal sessions, because we didn´t have enough clothes for everyone at the same time. Remember how I´ve always wanted a line to the baptismal font? So many people willing to make this convenant with God, that they had to wait in line to be baptized?

 Lets just say, 

Mission Accomplished! 28 of God´s children, our brothers and sisters, joined  the fold of God this weekend.

Talk about a powerful weekend. I will never be able to explain the Spirit or Joy that I felt this weekend, and even if I tried, I could never do it justice. Lets just say, I think I got a little taste of the joy that Heaven has to offer. After everything was over, my companion looked at me and said, "I want to feel this again. Lets do it again."

If anyone reading this does not believe that miracles happen in these days, or continues to think that miracles are only a thing of the past, I would refer them to the words of President Uchtdorf, "STOP IT!"

My only hope is that I will continue to be an instrument in the Lord´s hands, and forever will I be grateful to the Miracles that I see happen every day.

Until we meet again,
Elder McDonald

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