Tuesday, December 27, 2011

MTC - Week 3

December 22, 2011

This week has been pretty fantastic. My companions are having a great time as well. We committed our first investigator to be baptized, and we have got another one, Nicolas. He’s from Bogota Colombia. The last time we taught him, it went great! It lessons are getting a lot easier and the Spanish is coming along as well. It seems pretty difficult to say what I want to say when just walking around, but during the lessons it becomes super easy. I know it’s the spirit helping us out.

We had TRC for the first time this week. It’s similar to teaching lessons to our investigator, but they are members. (More like Family Home Evening setting). The man we talked to was a native from our mission area (Mexico City South East). We had planned on talking about the Plan of Salvation, but once the spirit was there, I felt prompted to ask him how he came to know the church. Three years ago, after his brother died, he was praying for comfort and peace, when two missionaries knocked on his door. They taught him, and he became a strong member. For some reason, we started to teach about the importance of meaningful and sincere prayer. I don’t know why but the words and ideas kept coming so I continued. When we were finished, he was almost in tears and thanked us. He said that he had been feeling down for the past month and hadn’t really prayed for the past few weeks, then committed to praying to God with sincerity.

It was an amazing experience and we felt fantastic. Then later we saw the evaluation card from him. After applauding our efforts, he had written the names of his mother and sister in Mexico City, with their phone numbers and addresses. “Please find them, preach to them with the power and sincerity that you showed me today.”

I almost cried!

I have begun converting myself, and I can’t wait to get out of here and get to Mexico.

One of my best friends from BYU, Elder Duncan Pickett is here. I see him every day during gym time. We get to work out and talk. I’ve only been here a week longer, but he’s always asking me things. I’ve become his mentor all over again. It’s great to have him here.

I’m convinced now that part of the reason I was held back for so long was so that I could be with this district (small class group). Everything is just super easy and great with these guys. I’ve talked with other districts where they can’t seem to focus or study because of all the drama going on. I’m grateful that we are all getting along well. We are truly brothers in Christ, ready to serve our fellowmen in Mexico City, Peru and Veracruz.

The attribute I’m working on right now is Charity. En el servicio del Senor, Elder McDonald Feliz Navidad!

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