Tuesday, December 27, 2011

MTC - Week 2

December 15, 2011

Everything is going fine, I’m still alive. I heard a funny joke today. How’s the MTC different from jail? In jail, you can have visitors.

Mom – Thank you for the package, although I did pack a towel. I didn’t forget one I promise. But I guess two towels are better than none.

Dad – See the note that was found under our door one day. I thought you might like it. “Just so you know, your freakin alarm is going off at 6:00 PM EVERYDAY! Please fix it. From Elders @ MTC, P.S. it’s the wind up one . . .”

There’s not much to talk about. I’m struggling but working hard. Wish I had pictures, everyone seems to have pictures of their family. *Wink,wink*

Remember how I talked about teaching an investigator Fabian? Yah, we committed him to be baptized on January 7th. Please send more letters, add pictures please. Love you all, Elder McDonald

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