Thursday, February 9, 2012

MTC Week 10

Alright so! Busy week.
I was going to go to the consulate to talk about my visa (in Salt Lake) yesterday; however they called us and canceled it.  So I'm going today. We're doing everything really early instead of our scheduled time (laundry, email, etc.) so that we can still go to the Temple, and have enough time to get back and leave for the consulate at 12:30.
Everything here is going fantastic! We've essentially become Zone resources because we have no actual assigned class time (teachers have other districts now), so I've had the chance to be an investigator for another district. How AMAZING that is! To completely take on the role of the very people we're going to teach. When I step into their shoes, I can truly feel and act as if they would, and it's really a neat experience. Especially when the missionaries are guided by the spirit. I've tried everything, disbelief, lack of faith, pride, work conflicts, the worry that my family will reject me, a fear of change, everything. Yet, the blessings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ can be applied to every situation. This truth that I will be proclaming to everyone I see can fix anything. There is nothing that the Gospel of Jesus Christ cannot bring comfort to, there is no fear or demotivation that cannot be extinguished by the loving words of the Savior. This gospel is True. And it can apply and bless the lives of EVERYONE who accepts it. This is why I'm so excited to go serve. Because I KNOW how much it will fortify their faith, strengthen their relationship with God, and improve the quality and Meaning of their lives.
At times, all of us are called to cross deserts. There is no alternative. Sometimes we must walk without water, just to see what's in us. How far we can go. But we will find that when we obey, when we take those first steps,we WILL find the oasis of Living Water. The dynamic power of Jesus Christ that flows within us, quenching our thirst forever.
My dominant desire right now is to do all I can to help the people I come in contact with. I've had this desire or a degree thereof for most of my life. However now...I cannot accurately explain how much it has increased. I've given all I have right now to the Lord, and I cannot begin to explain how much it has changed me, blessed me, and I cannot imagine how much I will be forever blessed. I want to do Exactly what the Lord wants me to do. I want to follow EVERY spiritual impression that I receive, and I want to Help EVERY single person I come into contact with.
The other members of my district have been reasigned. They left this morning to McAllen Texas, Las Vegas Nevada, Denver South Colarado and one is waiting to go to Arcadia California. I'm so Excited for them! They're in the field right now. They're doing the things that I've dreamt of all my life, and I'm about to join them. Hopefully. I am ready to accept anything that the Lord asks of me. I'm ready to serve, or to wait longer and prepare. Regardless of what happens, I will be happy, and the excitement within my soul to share the truth will only grow.
I'll be sure to send back some more information when I return from the consolate. (I also have 5 pass-along cards, and a Restauracion folleto. I'm going to make some contacts! :D )

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