Monday, April 16, 2012

Ixtapuluca 10

Soooo, this week was a dousy! We had 6 investigators lined up and ready to be baptized during the weekend. All...six...fell...through. 

Four went out of town for a trip, one cant do it till next week, and one disappeared off the face of the planet.
We were devastated. Friday we when we heard the news, we knelt down and offered our hearts to the Lord. We begged him for a miracle, and told him we were willing to do whatever was asked of us.

As soon as we concluded the prayer a thought ran through my mind. Alexander and Hilda. These are perfect golden investigators whose date was planned for the 22nd, but they had already filled all the requirements for baptism, we were just strengthening their already powerful testimonies. So we went straight to their house, talked with them a little bit, and during our lesson, Hilda asked us if we could move her baptism up to this week, and of course her son´s baptism as well. 
We were shocked!! We gladly accepted, made all the arrangements, and thanked God for once again providing the miracle that we needed in order to be perfectly obedient to what the Mission President has asked of us.

Alexander, Hilda´s son, is 14 and the prime example of a golden investigator. The first time we met him, I could feel that he was going to serve a mission. By the time the second lesson had rolled around, (a mere 8 hours after the first) he had read every folleto (pamplet), every testimony in the front and the first 8 chapters of the Book of Mormon, prayed, and gained a solid testimony of the divinity of the book which he bore to us with more power and authority than some of the Elders that are out here. He had every date of everything that happened memorized as well! Wow! Was it an amazing experience! He´s super SUPER excited about Everything in the church, and he´s meeting with the Bishop this wednesday to see when he can receive the Aaronic priesthood. By far my strongest convert yet, and we´re going to be taking him sometime within the next month to the Temple so he can do temple work for his deceased father.

I´m still in awe. I stand all amazed.

Also, today we went and visited the Ginormous Catholic Church/musuem in el Centro. 

Until next time,
Live long and prosper    (Sorry couldn't resist)

Elder McDonald

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