Monday, April 23, 2012

Ixtapuluca 11

Popocatepetl Volcano 
I can see Popo every once in awhile, but it ALWAYS spews ash out. However, I don't think it changes the air quality at all here. Hahaa!! By far one of the hardest places to breath Ever. You having a hard time with the fact that Im so close to a volcano that could erupt at any moment? And that we are having a ton of earthquakes? Hahahaa!! Relax. Missionary. Remember?

This week has been really interesting! Really really tired. Not sure if its because the Sun has been out like crazy, or if its because of all the volcanic ash in the air, but its getting really hard to breath and walk around all day. But no worries. The work must go on. (P.S. I hope to get to see the volcano explode.)  Yesterday, Ilda Espinoza Tiburcio was baptized. Wow does she have a great story!

So, unfortunately, her husband passed away about three years ago. Ever since then shes been having dreams. Dreams where he was happy, he was okay, but he was in some sort of prison, that only her son could help him out of. (See Plan of Salvation) She was walking along a path to find how to help her husband when a dark mist rose up and surrounded her. She prayed to God and immediately a strange pole appeared. She grasped hold of this metal rod and followed it until she came to a tree. The most beautiful tree she had ever seen with fruit that was pure white. She grabbed one, bit it, and immediately was filled with the greatest sensation of peace and love she had ever experienced. (See 1 Nephi 8) As she looked around, she saw her sons there with her eating the fruit, and she looked behind her and saw a chapel. A beautiful chapel with a spire tinted gold, with a bright black plaque on the side of the building.  Our chapel, the chapel in Ayolta, of which she had never been to, is the only chapel in the region with a spire tinted gold, and a black plaque on the side of the building. When we brought her to church, she started crying and said, "This is the Church that I dreamt of".

The Lord prepares his children to hear his gospel. He helps them in many different ways. In the case of Ilda, there were dreams, and a member who just decided to talk to a random Gelato vendor some random day a little bit about what she believes. In the case of Felipe, it was his rejection at the border, where he saw a book with a gold lettered front, and for many many more of Gods' children, there will be many many more stories, all of which point to Christ, his true church, the true Gospel, and the only way back to the one who sent us here. These are the moments that will never be forgotten. These are the people, I will never forget. 

Never be afraid to take the first step. Never be afraid to share what brings you joy.

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