Monday, April 30, 2012

Ixtapuluca 12

What an interesting week this one turned out to be! Once again I found myself in the Hospital. However this time, it was a little bit longer than last time. After 4 days of IVs, Pills, boredom, shots, doctors, boredom, the blandest food in the world, and boredom, I was finally released back into the wild to wreck havoc once more. All in all it wasn't too bad. Just some parasites, another gastro intestinal infection (a little bit stronger than last time), and some other weird stuff. But, good news is, I'm back in business! Ready to take my area by storm once more.

Truthfully though, the worst part about the whole ordeal was that neither I nor my companion could work. We couldnt help our investigators, we couldnt get new ones ready, we couldn't do anything and it was ridiculously boring. However! Luckily, the success of the week is always written in the effort of the previous three, so yesterday, Denise Estefani Serrano Hernandez was baptized. And I apologize for the lack of photo, my camera is in the apartment.

This past week I received a Wonderful package with brand new brilliantly white shirts, beautiful ties, and AMERICAN CANDY!!! WHEW!!!! Sooooo much more Sweet! And a beautifully significant lack of chili powder. Super SUPER Thankful for everything! And everyone that helped get the package together. Ive got some GREAT Family! I thought it was hilarious, when I opened the package, my companion and I looked away really quick because the shirts were so brilliantly white! Ha ha!! Just as a joke of course, but man it was great. P.S. its impossible to keep anything clean in my area. :D (Volcanic ash blowing around)

Yesterday we also confirmed two of our investigators, and gave one the Priesthood!! Alexander Hernandez! Whew!! I totally believe he's going on a mission some day. No doubt. He's taking everything by storm, and is about to finish Alma in the Book of Mormon! He loves going on splits with us, and helping us teach. Its legit! And his testimony is amazing! Its simple, and sweet, but one of the most powerful Ive ever heard. Just goes to show you dont need eloquence to preach the gospel.
Thank goodness! Means I have a chance! Hahaa!!

We´re having transfers this week, and so the Elders that are leaving are packing, and also giving away things they don't want. I left the house of the Zone Leader with a recorder, a rubics cube, three DVDs of every D&C video for seminaries, and an awesome tie! Its the same tie that President Monson is wearing in his picture with Presidents Uchtdorf and Eyring. SWEET!! 

Looking forward to this week, lots of changes, lots of excitement, and lots of work.
         Let's do it!

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