Monday, May 7, 2012

Ixtapuluca 13

So this week was a blast!! First of all, tons of parades and people going crazy in the streets, mariachis everywhere! We went to Zocalo again (al Centro del DF) (Center of Federal District) but this time the other side with the Museums, and best part of the whole week? THE TEMPLE!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

By far, hands down, no questions asked, THE Most BEAUTIFUL Place in all of Mexico.
No joke, I´ve missed the temple so much. Unfortunately we didn´t have time to go in, only to tour around the grounds, take pictures, and visit the stores, where I got a really cool Playera. (t-shirt)  It looks like the Mexican Flag, but its got a whole bunch of Ripped missionaries in the middle holding the Title of Liberty and underneath it says, "Llamados a Servir" (Called to Serve) Super Legit. 

We got to bring one of our recent converts, Alexander, with us to the Temple. He said it was the most beautiful thing that he had ever seen and that he wanted more than anything to go inside. He´ll get that opportunity this Friday with the Youth. He got him a set of scriptures, white shirt, pants, and a tie so that he can pass that Sacrament this next week. Super Super excited for him. He took him out contacting with us, and MAN! He´s pretty much already a professional. He was reading scripture, sharing his testimony, teaching the Restoration, Whew!! Super Exciting! 

One of the most fun things to do I think, is board the metro. No joke, it brings a new meaning to the phrase, "Packed in like Sardines". Its to the point where in order to get in, what we do is as soon as the door open, we run. We run, throw down our shoulder, and plow our way into the car already filled way past capacity. I had the door close on me today with my foot still outside, and we fought desperately for about 30 seconds before it finally slid in. Scariest 30 ever! I thought I was going to lose my foot, Hahaaa!! But nope, alls well that ends well.

Its interesting to see everything that happens out here, and how it affects me. How I react to certain situations that arise, and really truly, I really like a phrase that one of my family members said. That, "its not that Jimmy has changed, but that he's realizing who he really is." Super sweet, and super true. I´ve learned more about who I really am and why Im really here than I ever could have possibly at home. Life is sooo much more that what you see, like the Fox in "The Little Prince" says (Shout out to Mrs. Piatkowski) "What is essential is invisible to the eye". I will forever be thankful for my time here, the things that I have learned, and the people that My Father has put in my path. I will never forget any of them. Many of the Elders here ask each other, "How many have you baptized?" and whenever Im asked, I say the same thing my MTC teacher said (Shout out to Hermano Lee) "I´ve never counted. I don't need to... I know their faces."

Until we meet again...
Elder McDonald

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